Ten rules to wear silver jewelry
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Silver Silver has a mysterious tension that, if the perfect ride it first to find their own style, the other is the keeping up with fashion trends. In any case with, to bring out the personal style and characteristics of absolute prerequisite, see the following presentation, enjoy the town of Silver Silver Dress up the fun it brought us.

1. Wear suitable match concise style, shape delicate silver necklace.

2. Casual match for unique design sterling silver ring exaggerated. 

3. Cute-type dress to wear a silver bracelet with small bells very appropriate.

4. The silver colored gem embedded in the town of accessories to wear for young girls.

5. Tibetan silver color of strong personality, not with a dress, so as not to give people enough professional, capable of feeling.

6. Silver should not be mixed with gold jewelry to wear, but a different style silver jewelry can be worn together, presenting a rich texture.

7. To attend the occasion or wear luxurious clothes beautiful, should choose with expensive jewelry, diamond jewelry silver town.

8. After changing the old black silver, do not have to clean in order to continue to wear, the kind of nostalgic flavor is wonderful.

9. Silver belongs to fashion things, should pay attention to often change the style to wear.

10. Presented this year's popular with law, is to do two or more silver with each other, creating a unique feeling.