How to maintain and clean diamond jewelry
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 Maintenance of the diamond was not hard, when in daily wear diamond ornaments, note the following will:

       1, in the process to minimize the wear of diamond ornaments wearing some intense activity, although the diamond is the world's hardest substance, but it is also fragile, when external forces encountered fierce case of impact diamonds may appear broken situation
especially the "Prong" diamond jewelry, diamond waist edge position is the most vulnerable. By external impact, the damage appears to seriously affect the diamond's beauty and its value level;

       2, to the swimming pool, the best diamond first lowered to prevent the chlorine in pool water corrosion of metal parts of the diamond;

       3, doing the housework, careful not to touch diamond oil, to prevent the dirty diamond lost its luster;

       4, and the hardness of different types of gems and jewelry, should be kept separate to avoid friction and wear and tear. Similar stones should be kept separate as far as possible, so as to avoid friction with each other.

       Diamond jewelry how to do regular cleaning?

       Diamonds attract grease as easily, get dirty easily, it must be cleaned regularly to maintain the original shine of diamonds.

       Wore diamond ornaments such as rings, preferably cleaned once a week.

        PS: a little self-cleaning method first drops of detergent in the container, then add hot water, then diamond into a container. Then a soft bristle toothbrush to scrub the bottom of the diamond's crown and, finally washed with water, cleaning agents can be. After cleaning diamond, should be placed on non-cotton velvet towel dried. If the diamond surface oil, water can not wash, the proposed diamond jewelry will be sent to professional cleaning shop, avoid using bleach to clean diamond.